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Let us get introduced to homeopathy.

the youngest science that can heal and serve the best in every pathology diagnosed or even undiagnosed.

Homeopathy is based on a very simple principle of nature “let likes be cured by likes”. This clearly signifies that whatever signs and symptoms, any medicine, can produce in a healthy human being, the same it can cure in a person suffering from .

For eg, if arsenic in crude from can create nausea and vomiting in a healthy human, the same arsenic when potentized (a method of preparing homeopathic Remedies in which the material content is programmatically lowered but it’s electromagnetic properties remaining) can cure a patient of vomiting and nausea. This is a very layman explanation of the principle.

Understanding the same principle bit more clearer, the same homeopathic arsenic can cure the patient of the deathly anxiety which it’s crude counterpart can produce when administered to healthy person.

We just took our understanding far more deeper into the quantum realm where the recent most advances in science are focused. We employ our medicines to deal with the emotions… pin pointedly, those emotions which are causing you the disease that caused you perhaps to surf this website. Thats why we say YOUR EMOTIONS ARE OUR DIAGNOSIS.

Since homeopathic medicines have little or no material particle to cause an effect, these are of minimum side-effects, and are thereby, the safest of all treatment methods known. But to a material mind, here arises a question that when little matter is present in the medicine, how can it work. Let me explain this to you through an analogy. It is very commonly observed in sensitive subjects that they see someone vomiting or a pile of garbage and feel nauseated enough to vomit… It begs a question- What material did enter from situation to that subject.. NOTHING LITERALLY.. but, that just switched on the disgust sensing nerves which are designed to create the activity in the vomiting producing tissues..

Similar is the case with HOMEOPATHY… It acts on the sentient nerves which puts an end to the unhappy or unpleasant Sensation to the system after which, the body always knows, how to reach it’s original state of health that is called PHYSIOLOGY.

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